Services offered at the AHA Clinic range from Naturopathic care that diagnosis and treats health concerns to stress reduction and energy clearing. All of our doctors and practitioners are highly qualified, experienced practitioners with appropriate licenses and/or certifications. Our aim is to meet a person’s health goals on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.

The journey through our clinic usually begins with a naturopathic visit and creation of a treatment plan that compliments a person’s conventional medical care and reflects his or her health objectives. Making this individualized plan is a team effort between naturopathic doctor and patient reflecting the patients goals, medical history, diagnostic evaluations, and severity of condition. Included in the assessment and treatment plan is awareness of the underlying energetic, emotional, and spiritual dynamics involved with health and healing.

Healing goals are supported with Health and Life Style Coaching, Massage, Reflexology, various forms of Energy Medicine and the self-treatment modalities in the Restorative Healing Room. To learn more about the types of treatment offered at The Andrews Healing Arts Clinic, LLC, click on the drop down menue.

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