Today, safe and effective natural treatments are abundantly available for medicinal use. Many people visit a naturopathic clinic looking for professional guidance in their health choices. Others come to experience a specific modality such as acupuncture or energy medicine. Still others simply want relief from stress and help with lifestyle choices. The aim of naturopathic treatment is to meet a person’s health goals on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.

Developing a naturopathic treatment plan that compliments a person’s conventional medical care and reflects his or her health objectives is a team effort between naturopathic doctor and patient. The modalities used in individual treatments are determined according to patient goals, medical history, diagnostic evaluations, and severity of condition. Included in the assessment oand treatment plan is awareness of the underlying energetic, emotional, and spirtual dynamics involved wiht health and healing.

Naturopathic Treatment includes Natural Medicinals, Phyusical Medicine, and Energy Medicine. To learn more about the types of treatment offered at The Andrews Healing Arts Clinic, LLC, click on the buttons to the left.

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