Are you suffering with a condition or symptom that hasn’t been helped through standard medicine? You’re not alone. Many people respond best to an integrated approach. At the AHA Clinic, we stimulate your body’s healing mechanisms while actively treating your condition. If you’ve been diagnosed or suspect you have a stealth illness such as Chronic Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or if you have acute or chronic pain, come and see what our approach can do for you.


Andrews Healing Arts Clinic, LLC is a full service naturopathic practice consisting of licensed health care professionals. We’ve come together for one reason: we believe in the innate healing abilities of the body-mind-spirit. Each of us brings our unique personal experience and training to support your healing path.


At the clinic, your medical needs are:

  • Diagnosed using labs and blood work as well as medical imaging, such as x-rays, CT Scan, and MRIs. We also use thermography, food allergy testing, neuro-hormonal testing, and more.

  • Treated with evidence-based natural remedies such as herbs and supplements, diet, neuroplastic facilitation, homeopathy, acupuncture, visceral manipulation, biofeedback, and energy-emotional clearing.

  • Educated with self-care techniques of neuroplastic facilitation and energy balancing.

  • Integrated with the treatment plans of your other medical providers.


Our goal is the restoration of your health; physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  


Dr. Synthia Andrews,  N.D.

Naturpathic Doctor, Energy Intuitive

My work, as that of most health care practitioners, began with my own health challenges. A debilitating spinal condition left me feeling I had no control over my life, and would never be pain-free or healthy enough to manifest my dreams. As everyone who suffers with chronic pain or illness knows, the desire to heal can push us in directions we don’t expect. Standard medicine could not improve the quality of my life, so I turned to alternatives.  In the process, I became a massage therapist and energy intuitive, specializing in emotional-energy process work. In restoring my own health, I learned the extraordianry power of the body to heal. Healing demonstrates the past doesn’t have to be the future.

Over the years, I certified in multiple healing modalities (see credentials below) and in 2009, I became a licensed Naturopathic physician and am now incorporating Neuroplastic Facilitation, the combining of neuroplasticity with energy balancing.

In my practice, you and I are partners. Your body is equipped with the necessary mechanisms of repair, and your inner spirit has the wisdom to guide the process. As a healthcare provider, I listen with respect, utilize sound medical knowledge backed with clinical experience, and apply curiosity. You know your body, your symptoms, and your life challenges. I diagnose with lab work, imaging studies, and intuitive assessment. Together, using all the modalities at hand, we chart a path.


We are pleased to introduce our team of health care practitioners, Jared Coggins, Julie Netsch, and Jeff Smolen.

Jared Coggins

Homeopathy, Thermography

You can contact Jared directly at 860-613-5877 or email at

I’m passionate about alternative medicine because I’ve seen and lived the results first hand. My mother was treated successfully in Germany, for both Cancer and Lyme’s Disease, and I was cured from an auto-immune disease called Reiter’s Syndrome with homeopathy. I’m also familiar with the nightmare of getting bounced around between traditional treatment facilities, receiving all sorts of insane and experimental treatments with no results other than liver deterioration. I did this for months before finding my solution in classical homeopathic medicine. As far as Thermography, it’s fantastic, anyone who actually looks into it will find that it’s the next big thing for medicine in general, whether it be Alternative or Traditional!


Julie Netsch, LMT, PSM

Plant Spirit Medicine

You can contact Julie directly at 860-662-1410 (text preferred) or email at


Julie has always had a deep love and connection with the living beings of nature; earth, weather, animals, rivers and plants. She discovered Plant Spirit Medicine during a challenging time in her life when her body and spirit where really struggling. She’s grateful to the plant spirits for helping her when she needed it most. Julie is grateful to be able to share the deep generosity and healing wisdom of the plants with her clients.

Julie graduated from Eliot Cowan’s Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training Course in 2007 and was recognized by the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing as a Plant Spirit Medicine Lay Spiritual Healer in 2012. Julie is a professional member of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association and continues her ongoing studies with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek by attending clinical trainings and the PSMA conference annually.


Jeffrey Smolen, LMT

Massage Therapist

You can contact Jeff directly at 860-613-7280.


Jeffrey graduated in 2003 from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and has spent years studying a variety of energy healing modalities. Prior to massage, he enjoyed a 15-year career as a software engineer having graduated with a BSEE from UCONN is 1985. Oddly enough, designing software helped Jeffrey develop systematic evaluation skills allowing him to zero in on the underlying causes of physical pain.

Jeffrey began teaching Pilates in 1992, founded Body Awareness Thru Pilates and Massage studio, LLC in 2003, and served the community until 2014. He holds multiple certificates in fitness and energy modalities and continues to develop his skills. He tailors his analytical abilities and passion for fitness and energy healing to create Therapeutic Massage sessions unique to each individual’s needs.

“My intention is to create an optimal environment for a body’s innate ability to heal itself.” Jeffrey Smolen