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Neuroplastic Facilitation

Are You Ready for Change?

There are no causes within the observable world. The observable world is one of effects. David Hawkins, MD, PhD

Right now, you are in the process of change. Either, you’re changing to move in new directions, breaking through limitations to access your healing potential, or you’re changing to further solidify and deepen the patterns you’ve already developed. Either way, one thing is for sure: nothing stays the same. You can choose the direction change takes, or you can go along the path set by past events and/or traumas.

You life reflects of the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes, it’s hard to image that it’s possible to take control of the direction of your life or heal your body by changing your level of awareness. That’s the first false perception to eliminate in order to create the healing you desire. The human body is designed to heal, and your spirit is designed to create; the mechanisms for both are hardwired into the brain. New brain research has unveiled a remarkable ability of the brain to restructure itself and change the functioning of the body as well as the programming of the mind. New science is confirming the unexplored self-healing potential of the brain.

The ability of the brain to change itself is called neuroplasticity. The most exciting element uncovered in this new brain science is that you have control over how your brain restructures itself. The brain changes in response to stimulation from the environment combined with your internal response. Essentially, the brain learns through experience and what you say, think, feel, and do is as important in how your brain restructures as what you encounter. Controlling the direction of change is within your grasp.

Scientific studies have identified nine specific principles that guide the process of restructuring the brain. The principles incorporate such practices as self-talk, visualization, and body processing. If these principles sound familiar, they are. Neuroplasticity essentially embraces the practices of ancient spiritual traditions, those of the New Thought movement of the early 1900s, and those of mind-body medicine born in the 1980s. In fact, the principles are so aligned with earlier movements that initially, I resisted. I was turned off by the showbiz sales approach and felt science was once again usurping spirituality. Now, I’m engaging science to further the use of spirit in healing.

Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to learn in trainings with Lauryn Malony-Gepfert, founder of the Neuroplastic Functional Institute. Lauryn has developed a neuroplastic program that helps people with spinal cord injuries regain function. Sound impossible? Her story and her work are remarkable. Check out the video on her website,

In upcoming posts, I will explore different neuroplastic principles with personal stories and suggestions for use. I’ll also demonstrate how to combine the principles with energy balancing techniques. In my personal stories, I’ll show how neuroplastic principles help me communicate with the horses in my care, provide healing experiences for them, and increase my energy awareness. It’s an exciting adventure. I hope you stay tuned to meet Pebbles, Gabe, and Annie.

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