Welcome to the Andrews Healing Arts Clinic, LLC, a naturopathic health and wellness resource. At the clinic, Dr. Synthia Andrews addresses a wide variety of health conditions including pain and fatigue syndromes, endocrine disorders, general medical complaints, and toxicity from environmental exposure. She also provides specialized support for people who have had cancer in the past or are undergoing cancer treatment.

Each person’s unique health picture exists on a physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual continuum.

The AHA Clinic offers:

  • Professional Naturopathic care: Naturopathic Physicians use conventional and alternative medical tools to find and treat the underlying causes of illness. Diagnostic tools such as laboratory tests and imaging technologies as well as less conventional tests may be ordered. Then, body, mind and spirit are encouraged toward homeostatic balance using natural treatments such  as herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, energy work, bodywork, nutritional supplements and lifestyle coaching.
  • Tools for personal development to explore the spiritual and emotional dynamics of health: these include guided meditation, visualization and inner dialog.
  • Professional and personal training to enhance the journey of life: books, workshops and certification classes are provided for expanding self-awareness, enhancing energy practices and/or to develop new professional skills.

Enjoy exploring the site and feel free to leave questions, comments and suggestions on our Contact Page. The services offered can be found under Healing Options, appointment times, prices and so forth under Patient Services, and upcoming classes under Further Study. I look forward to hearing form you.

Best wishes, Synthia Andrews, ND, LMT