For patients and clients of the AHA Clinic.

The Restorative Healing Room at the Andrews Healing Arts Clinic, LLC is a resource to optimize your healing goals. The RHR provides the use of safe and effective devices to stimulate healing, remove harmful toxins, boost vitality and clear your energy. These devices can be the turning point in the success of your treatment plan. Some devices meet very specific needs, others are useful to everyone. Create a combination best suited for your health goals. On your first, free visit you will be shown how to use each device. Then you are free to schedule time in the room and use the machines as you need. Time is purchased a la carte for a particular device, or more popularly, time in the room is reserved to use a combination of devices.

Here’s a list of what’s on offer:

  • The Biomat: lie in warmth and comfort while the frequency and infrared treatment eases chronic and acute pain, increase lymph flow, assist your body’s healing mechanisms and support the immune system. Most people experience a deep relaxation inner connection. The Biomat effectively rejuvenates your system.
  • The Ionic Footbath: soak your feet in warm water while the ionic pulse assists your body in releasing heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, metabolic waste and other toxins from storage sites in your tissue through your feet. This therapy can compliment any treatment plan to clear your body, mind and emotions!
  • Oxygen therapy: relax with an oxygen mask or exercise on our bike while added oxygen increases energy and strength, decreases inflammation, relieves pain, improves mental clarity, boosts immune function and relieves fatigue.
  • The Chi Machine: Feeling a little blocked and de-energized? The Chi Machine vibrates your tissues to open your channels and let the chi flow. It is great to use before your Ionic Footbath to open your channels, or after the BioMat to refresh your energy.
  • Infrasonic Machine: Sound waves carry frequency deep into your tissue, improving circulation while stimulating the release of endorphins, anti-inflammatory molecules, and healing mechanisms. The Infrasonic machine alleviates pain and improves healing time.
  • Paraffin Hand Waxing: Enjoy the relaxation of warmed wax while easing the pain of arthritis, muscle tension, and overuse syndromes.
  • Cervical Traction Device: Gentle traction of the neck can ease the pain of spinal conditions that compress the nerve root and cause muscle spasm with radiating pain and/or numbness and tingling in the arms and shoulders.
  • Audio Programs: supplement any treatment with audio programs that help you release learned behaviors of limitation. Positive self-talk, visualization and conscious scripting can help you flow with the currents that go where you are aiming your life.

Please note that some machines, like the oxygen generator and cervical traction device, require pre-approval by Dr. Andrews as well as supervision during use.

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