Reiki is an ancient form of Tibetan healing rediscovered in the late 20th century in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei, meaning God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power, and Ki, meaning life force energy. Reiki is commonly translated as spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is not a teaching; it’s a transmission. Once this transmission is received, the ability to channel the powerful life-force that we all have is magnified. Life force is directed with Reiki into specific use through intention and understanding the role of clear intent is an important aspect of this practice. Reiki classes are a succession of transmissions along with general guidance on how the transmissions can be used. Each class guides the student into deeper layers of self-realization.

The practice of Reiki starts as a simple laying-on of hands and progresses to using symbols for goal enhancement, long distance healing, conflict resolution, peace meditation, manifesting, and much more. Although the practice of Reiki has become quite common, few use and understand the true transformational potential of this practice.

Synthia has been practicing the original Usui method of Reiki since 1992. She brings to the class a deep understanding of the mechanisms of subtle energy, as well as skills in helping people to feel energy and work with it. Research she has conducted with her husband Colin Andrews into sacred geometry brings fresh awareness into the symbols used in Reiki.

Reiki I

The first Reiki course is a one-day, 8-hour class in which students are given the initial Reiki transmission. Class discussion covers the history of Reiki, its primary principles, what Ki is, and how the use of Reiki refines and enhances subtle energy. The class is conducted through discussion, student dialog, and experiential exercises. A simple protocol is taught and students give and receive sessions.

Reiki II

The second level is a two-day, 14-hour class in which the second level of Reiki transmission is received. Students learn that situations are changed when the energy that maintains them is shifted. Long distance healing, manifesting, conflict resolution skills, space clearing, goal enhancement, and more are covered over the two days. Students have the opportunity to work with different situations while receiving individual guidance from the instructor. Major obstacles to proficiency, such as limiting attitudes and beliefs, are discussed and worked with. It’s an action-packed, two-day adventure in energy!

Reiki III

This is a two-day, 16-hour master course providing the final high-power transmission in the traditional Usui Reiki practice. In this course students learn new symbols. However, the focus is learning how to give transmissions for Reiki I, II, and III, and how to teach Reiki classes including developing and structuring class content. Discussions into what the term “Master” actually means along with common pitfalls of mastership, such as abuse of power, ego trips, and loss of clear intent are explored. This course is for those who are called to embrace the path of a teacher in the Reiki tradition.

Reiki for Cancer Patients

Pre-requisite: Reiki I
This one-day, 8-hour class is designed to address the special needs of cancer patients. It’s intended for care givers, patients, and healthcare professionals. It discusses specifics of cancer, common treatments, treatment reactions, special needs, and considerations when using Reiki. Class discussion and exercises are the majority of the course.

Synthia is certified in Medical Massage and Massage for Cancer Patients. She graduated Naturopathic College in 2008. She brings the most recent cancer research and her own personal experience to her Reiki class for cancer patients and care givers.