Dear Friends,

As is true of many healthcare professionals, my path began with my own health challenges. In my late teens I developed scoliosis, a relatively common spinal condition that in my case caused extreme pain. There were days when I could stand for only twenty minutes before needing to lie flat and rest my back. During the worst period, I was afraid of being unable to care for my two young children or contribute to our family’s well-being. I felt I had lost control over the direction of my life and didn’t believe I would ever be pain-free or healthy enough to manifest my dreams.

As everyone who has suffered illness and injury knows, pain and the desire to heal push us in directions we don’t expect. Standard medicine could not eliminate my pain or improve the quality of my life. I found pain relief through massage and acupressure; healing required exploring the emotions and limiting beliefs that crippled me physically and spiritually. Along the way, I became passionate in sharing healing techniques and skills with others.

Through my experience I understand that people are capable of great healing. The body has all the necessary mechanisms of repair; the spirit has the wisdom to guide the process. What we need from healthcare professionals is careful listening, respect for our process, solid medical knowledge, and curiosity.

In my practice, healing is a team effort. You know your body, your symptoms, and your life challenges. I can help facilitate your awareness as you access greater inner resources and support your physical health with diagnostic medicine and naturopathic treatment. There are many ways to attain good health; my goal is to support you in the direction that best meets your needs. I look forward to walking with you on your wellness path and thank you for inviting me on this part of your journey.

Warm regards,

Synthia Andrews