New services and people are joining the AHA Clinic team and now is the time to take advantage of special programs that coordinate all of our services toward specific goals.

Standard Membership Program: $99 per month

For AHA Clinic patients and clients only.


  • 25% off all vitamins, books, and products sold at the Clinic
  • 15% off all massage and reflexology treatments, no limits other than availability
  • 10% off Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
  • 10% off Energy Awakening (with Dr. Andrews)
  • 10% off BMS Matrix Assessment Biofeedback (with Dr. Andrews)
  • 2 hours (30 minutes per week) in The Restorative Healing Room (this alone is a $150 value!)

Membership does not include a discount on Naturopathic or Acupuncture appointments, future APRN appointments, or lab fees and other outside services.


Approaching Chronic Illness

Participants in this membership program must either be existing AHA Clinic patients or have a separate New Patient appointment before beginning.

 If you have a chronic illness, we don’t need to explain the incapacitating effect of long term pain, debilitating fatigue or the malaise, mental fuzziness and mood swings that undermine your goals. No matter how hard you struggle, you are sabotaged by a condition that many doctors don’t even acknowledge. Being given the label of “malingerer” trying to “milk the system” is every bit as devastating as the disease. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Bar Virus, Chronic Lyme and other multi-system stealth diseases are real and at AHA clinic, we’ve been there. We get it. Our providers may not have all the answers, but we apply the latest research and integrate our care with your other health care providers. Our goal is to support you in reclaiming your life.

At your new patient appointment, Dr Andrews will order necessary tests and evaluate your situation. Together, you and Dr. Andrews will create a treatment plan to support your immune system, actively combat the disease, address your symptoms, help your body repair, balance and clear your energy, and engage your emotional and spiritual resources. A combination of treatments is used for healing of body, mind and spirit.

Coaching sessions with Laura, who has been through her own chronic illness, help to focus your healing process on the elements necessary for you to reclaim your life. She will work with you to create a tailored plan to compliment your overall treatment.

On-going Monthly Program. Includes the following monthly services:

  • One 40-minute follow up naturopathic appointment ($85 value)
  • First time BMS Matrix Assessment Biofeedback (optional, $225 value) with 15% off additional sessions
  • One Health and life-style Coaching session ($85 value) with 15% off additional optional coaching sessions.
  • One Energy Awakening session ($120 value) with 15% off additional optional sessions.
  • One acupuncture and myofascial session ($115 value) with 15% off additional optional sessions
  • 40% off all prescribed supplements
  • 4 hours (I hour per week) in the Restorative Treatment Room ($300 value)

Cost: $800 with BMS Matrix session, $675 per month without.

Three month program includes:

  • One 1-hour follow up naturopathic appointment during the three month period ($100 value)
  • One BMS Matrix Biofeedback session (optional, $225 value) and 15% off additional optional sessions
  • 3 Health and Life-style Coaching session, one per month ($255 value) and 15% off additional coaching sessions
  • 3 Energy Awakening sessions, one per month ($360 value)
  • 3 acupuncture and myofascial treatment sessions, one per month ($480 value)
  • 40% off all prescribed supplements
  • 4 hours per month (1 hour per week) in the Restorative Treatment Room ($900 value)

Program Cost: $2,200 with BMS Matrix Biofeedback; $1,800 without

 This program does not include the costs of additional naturopathic or APRN appointments or lab fees and other outside services.

21-Day Clearness Cleanse

A pre-program naturopathic visit to assess your goals, supplement needs and ability to detoxify is highly recommended. This program is not appropriate for all people.

Do you have aches and pain in muscles and joints, weight you just can’t drop, fatigue, headaches, foggy brain or unexplained health issues? This is just a small list of the many indicators of toxic overload that may be part of chronic health issues.

Every day, each one of us is exposed to heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and more in the air, water, and food we ingest, never mind what’s in the beauty, personal care, gardening and cleaning products we use.  Your body has detoxification mechanisms that minimize the harmful impact of noxious substances; however, with the amount of toxicity in modern life, your system may not be able to keep up. Periodic cleansing liberates your mind, body and spirit from the impact of toxic overload.

The 21-Day Clearness Cleanse lightens your body’s toxic burden and helps your detoxification systems do their job. A well-designed eating plan reduces ingested toxins and metabolic inflammation. Carefully chosen supplements bind and remove noxious substances. The overall plan restores nutrients and resets your metabolism. The Clearness Cleanse includes daily chakra meditations and self-reflection exercises.

The Clearness Cleanse is not a weight loss program; however, you may feel so great you want to continue into healthy weight loss with Laura as your personal health coach.

Cost: $497. Parts I and II can be purchased independently as priced below. If you are local, Part II is highly recommended- the support of detox equipment in our Restorative Healing Room significantly increases successful outcomes.

  • Part I: On-line course, Cost $347 that includes supplements, videos, PDF instruction sheets with step-by-step directions covering:
    • A diet plan, food list and three step-program
    • Daily eating guide
    • Daily guided audio meditations for clearing your energy
    • Self-reflection to inspire heart and mind
    • Easy to follow 15- minute Gi Gung exercise video
    • Detox support techniques with easy to use self-acupressure for full body support
    • 21-day supply of three carefully chosen supplements to assist your body cleanse, curb cravings and restore your nutrient base

This program does not require supplements. If you wish, you can opt-out of the vitamins and take $50 off your program fee.

  • Part II: Restorative Healing Room $150

The 21 Day Clarity Cleanse is infinitely more impactful when combined with detox support technologies. Assist your body in releasing toxins with the Ionic Foot Bath and BioMat while promoting cellular regeneration.Use additional modalities such as our Infrasonic Machine to ease body aches and pains

  • 3 hours broken into two 30 minute sessions per week ($225 value)

Approaching Pain: Relief, Repair, Resolution

A new patient visit is required for all people who are not current AHA Clinic patients before starting this program.

Prolonged pain turns ordinarily kind people into grumpy critics. Pain robs energy, takes over your mind and steals your enjoyment in life.

Acute pain usually has a known source, an injury, accident or disease that caused identifiable damage that your body’s healing mechanisms are engaged in repairing. Time and appropriate treatment assure the maximum recovery possible. Sometimes, however, acute pain becomes chronic. This can be due to mechanical or structural damage that can’t be fixed, but often there is no such damage yet healing stalls and pain escalates. In this case, instead of continuing to spend energy on repairing the damage, your body is spends its energy isolating the original injury. Healing is hindered and replaced with inflammation, muscle tension and unrelenting pain.

AHA Clinic approaches pain on three levels. We seek to relieve the symptoms, treat the original cause, and identify and treat the obstacles that prevent continued healing. Sometimes interference to healing is due to the body not having the nutrient base to heal; other times, the emotion around the original accident or trauma is lodged in the tissue and emotional clearing and energy balancing is required before healing resumes.

Monthly Program: $750.


  • Two acupuncture and myofascial release sessions to address pain and dysfunction ($230 value)
  • Two Energy Awakening sessions to release emotional charge and clear the energy ($240 value)
  • One Health and Lifestyle coaching session focusing on anti-inflammatory diet, neuroplasticity and stress reduction ($85 value)
  • 15% off massage and reflexology (optional)
  • 40% off anti-inflammation and restorative supplements
  • 20% off BMS Matrix Biofeedback sessions (optional)
  • 1 hour per week in Restorative Healing Room ($300 value)
    • Use the Biomat for pain relief and cellular rejuvenation
    • Release pain producing toxins with the Ionic Foot Bath
    • Oxygenate your muscles to reduce lactic acid build up and pain
    • Try infrasonic impulse to speed healing
    • Unleash the healing power of your mind with subliminal tapes