Obtaining a correct diagnosis is the starting point of any health strategy. Diagnosis is obtained through a detailed medical history, targeted physical exam, and the results of medical tests. In Connecticut, Naturopaths are licensed physicians and can order all standard medical tests as well as more comprehensive complimentary assessments.

Diagnostic tests ordered at the Andrews Healing Arts Clinic can include:

  • Blood work: General health blood work consists of a CBC, liver and kidney function tests, and a lipid panel. It might also include hormone panels, genetic markers, and tests for specific metabolic or infectious diseases based on the symptom picture.
  • Imaging technologies such as x-ray, CT-scan, MRI, thermagraphy and ultra-sound.
  • Toxicity panels such as hair samples for heavy metals, and blood/urine samples for determining pesticide and chemical exposures.
  • Urine tests to assess metabolic pathways and neuroendocrine function.
  • Salivary tests to assess adrenal sufficiency and hormone balance.
  • Comprehensive stool analysis to determine digestive function, gut flora, and pathogen status.

When warranted, less conventional diagnostic techniques may be used to clarify inconclusive reports or provide direction for standard diagnostics. These can include kinesiology and biofeedback.

AHA Clinic, LLC, is pleased to announce the addition of Thermography as part of our in-office diagnostic services. Thermography measures heat output to detect unusual cellular activity indicative of disease. It can be used for early diagnosis or to track treatment progress. A thermographic screening is arranged by appointment in our office.