The diagnosis of cancer is a life changing event whether the diagnosis is yours, or someone you love. With the speaking of a few short words, the context of life changes.

Conventional medicine provides lifesaving treatment, yet doctors’ appointments, uncomfortable procedures, treatment side effects, worry and stress can be overwhelming. Natural Medicine assists conventional care by reducing the side effects of procedures and treatments while increasing their effectiveness and supporting your natural healing abilities. Natural modalities are aimed at reducing stress, tension and pain as they aide in limiting the after effects of surgery and restoring movement and function. Supporting body, mind and spirit supports your inner wisdom in confronting disease.

Conventional treatment requires that you surrender control over many aspects of your life; recovery requires that you assert control over many others. Natural medicine supports your ability to access your innate ability to heal. As conventional medicine focuses on your illness, let Natural Medicine focus on you.

The list of Support Modalities listed to the right are incorporated as part of the plan for your treatment.

Natural medicine is meant to support your journey through a challenging time; you decide what, when, where and how with the guidance and support of your naturopathic doctor.