Body Sounding™ Energy Exploration

Body Sounding™ is Synthia’s unique approach to exploring and using subtle energy. The rudiments of her model can be found in her books The Path of Energy and The Path of Emotion. She is currently writing a manual of the Body Sounding™ Model and healing techniques.

Embodying Changing Consciousness

1 ½ hour lecture
Expansion of consciousness is more than a shift in paradigm; it is a shift in what we are able to perceive. It is a change in our energy structures and physical body and is preceded by specific physical, emotional and energetic signs and symptoms.

This lecture discusses:

  • The science of consciousness and subtle energy reality
  • Frequency, multi-dimensional reality and changing consciousness
  • Physical psychological, emotional and energetic signs of change
  • Human energy structures
  • Singularity consciousness

Expanding Energy Awareness

3-hour workshop
Learning to consciously interact in the domain of subtle energy is the next step in personal and planetary transformation. We are facing new challenges that past solutions can’t solve. Answers come through accessing inner abilities that highlight our ability to interact with subtle energy. Our bodies are wired to navigate this realm. We have all the necessary tools; our bodymind is equipped with everything we need. The energy that holds our body in form is accessible. We know how to do it; we’ve just forgotten. This workshop jogs our collective memory.

This workshop explores:

  • Receiving energy information through the body
  • The language of energy: sensing, feeling and seeing
  • Emotions as translations of energy
  • Easing the transition
  • Directing internal energy pathways to open awareness

Deepening Energy Exploration

16 hours over 2 days
We live in a sea of energy that flows in, through, and around us. It flows in currents coded with information about our internal and external environments, and about what is important to our growth. Energy centers within our body receive this information and translate it into a language we can understand, the language of emotions. Emotions are our body’s translation of subtle energy information. How well we speak this language determines how fully we feel and respond to subtle energy.

Energy awareness brings us into the present moment. It allows us to expand our consciousness and develop higher perception. It’s natural; we all have it. Exploring it is fun. This course helps develop perception and awareness of energy, improving skills for:

  • Feeling internal flows of energy
  • Feeling external energy interactions
  • Perceiving energy within and around objects
  • Exploring human energy structures
  • Translating the emotional language of energy
  • Using our mind to interact with energy flows
  • Using intention to direct energy into manifestations
  • Deepening meditation practice

This course is taught in a conversational format with experiential exercises. We discuss traditional views on subtle energy, current energy research as well as sharing personal experiences and insight. No previous energy experience or training is required.